The Rockinfo platform combines robust business processes with a user friendly interface to create flexible systems for  student registration, learning and certification management to drive program compliance.

A Platform for success

The Rockinfo Platform has a proven track record and allows our customers to Enable their Partners, Communicate with their Channel and Manage the Compliance requirements of their Partner Program.

You're In Good Company

The Rockinfo platform touches over 10,000 partners and 300,000 users globally and is used by leading IT companies to enable, communicate and manage their partner programs.


The modular architecture of the Rockinfo platform enables you to create a fully customizable solution with the flexibility to support your unique training, certification and program requirements.
Why Choose Rockwell


Enables state of the art tools to serve content directly to your users or integrate with internal or external Learning Systems to provide a single pane of glass for users. The result is flexible, robust and user friendly.


Communicate information through the use of detailed user and partner profiles utilizing targeted marketing communications with detailed reporting.


Manage is the critical business function within the platform and our area of differentiation. Create your own individual program and associate users to departments, partners, customers or groups to manage the programs compliance.

Maximise your returns

“Putting the responsibility for enablement and compliance back in your partners hands freeing for Partner Account Managers to grow your business.”

A system built by users for users.

“Flexible systems that support your unique business requirements to enable your partners to maximise revenues and market share.”

Clean and simple

“Our clean design and simple to use platform helps you gain mindshare with your partners”

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Customer focused support when you need it, ensuring you’re never left stranded.


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