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Bring your partner program to life with the Rockinfo platform

 The Rockinfo platform combines robust business processes with a user friendly interface to create flexible systems for student registration, learning and certification management to drive program compliance..


The Rockinfo platform provides the ability to build and manage your Partner Program from one dynamic platform that grows with your organization allowing you to add new features and functionality as your program evolves.


From the look and feel to integration with your existing systems, the Rockinfo platform can be configured to meet your exact compliance requirements creating one centralized point for management of your Partner Accreditation Program and Partner Business.


Accessible by registered users anytime, anywhere, the platform allows you to effectively scale all aspects of your Partner Program from enablement to deployment of sales tools and management of compliance.


With over a decade of continuous development and large global deployments, our platform and services deliver your requirements on-time, on-budget allowing you to focus on your business.
Flexible partner relationship
management tool
The Rockwell Difference
The Rockwell platform allows you to profile students and offer curriculum planning allowing tailoring for each individuals requirement. This allows each customer to customise reports focusing on the key performance indicators that are relevant to the learning requirements and business goals.
The Rockwell Difference
The system can be launched as a fully functional Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system or you can select the functionality you need. We provide a fully customizable look and feel with a flexible and unique platform to support your Certification and Partner Programs.